Welcome to my new site! You can check out this page by clicking on the blog link. I am an 18-year-old student at Georgia Tech who loves to share about his life. I am the hot dog eating champ of Bold Bite in Bethesda, Maryland. Throughout this year, I will work on my communication skills by studying the way that people communicate science through all types of modes. I am a biomedical engineering major with plans to go onto medical school and become a doctor. Doctors need to be able to communicate efficiently and effectively because their time is extremely valuable. Both of my parents are doctors, and both have published studies, an extremely professional medium to disperse new findings in science or medicine. All of the best doctors I know, from Dr. Owen Rennert to Dr. Posnick, have all published studies or books to further their field in medicine. My mom says she learns something every day and it is only fair to the rest of the world that she communicates that knowledge. It is vital for me to learn to perfect my communication skills so that I too can communicate my knowledge and further the total human collective.

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Project Nim

Man does some pretty incredible things in the name of science. Often these incredible things are terrible. Animal testing in particular is one example that is very controversial. We have animal testing to thank for countless advancements in science. In the 1940s and 1950s, Jonas Salk developed his polio vaccine by using monkeys to grow … Continue reading Project Nim

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